Not a Bad Idea at all

Summer has almost arrived here in Italy. I have been waiting for it for ages. Even if it  seems it doesn’t want to stop raining, somehow the weather is warm, a soft wind caresses us, we don’t need to wear jumpers any more.

And with that, time for books has arrived too. A lot of them. During the school year I honestly can’t read enough, at least as much as I would like to. So I keep storing books and books on my Kindle and personal library, glancing at them with longing eyes, hoping to plunge into their water as soon as possible.

And finally I am here: no classes (even if a lot of burocreacy papers to fill in are waiting for me), that is to say much more time in the evening, as I don’t need to correct and grade essays or tests.

As I haven’t been writing in English for such a looooong time and I think I need to improve it and boost my writing skills, I have been thinking about a way to involve myself in something I really like while writing in… English. So please forgive me if you find some major mistakes or errors. Not to mention that I would highly appreciate your corrections! Just leave me a comment 🙂

Nevetherless, this is a book reviews blog. Possibly I hope you will find inspiration and good hints for a book you would like to read next.

Enjoy! ❤❤❤