Don’t walk on the main road. Follow your instinct.


Daily prompts are so precious now that I have started blogging. And then my mind wanders, lead by the prompt itself. So yesterday while writing about water, I found myself appreciating even more my homeland. Even if for years (and I haven’t given up the idea) I have wanted to relocate with my family somewhere else. Just for my children’s sake and futures.

However. While I was jotting down my ideas, the precious moments of divergent thinking (and car detours) hit me. As a teacher and a parent I believe it is important to lead our children not only to the main road, to the easy way of living and follow all the global mass beliefs – which can be absolutely right, or sometimes not at all, but also to unfamiliar paths. Ideologies and strong positions never lead to anything positive. That is what history has thought us.

After what it is happening nowadays in the world, I am more and more convinced and certain that our children must be prepared to accept the others’ beliefs and values, stepping out from their comfort zones and venture out to new horizons. Accepting more than tolerating. Because in tolerance there is always a hint of superiority sometimes, while accepting and moreover sharing make life and experiences richer.

Be a de-tourist. So many undiscovered routes are waiting for you!

© Dom



Inspired by the Daily post today’s one-word prompt ~ tourist



©Dom ~ Photos taken the day before yesterday evening while I was walking in the fields of my Friulian town.


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    • I fully agree with you. I so much like the figure of speech you used: not just jump on the bandwagon. This is what I am trying to teach my students and my own children.
      So glad to know there are a lot of us believing in this!

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