Night Running on gentle Italian Hills

Again. Oh no. Again! Night after night, insomnia had become a real pain. Even her eyes ached. She took a peek at her smart phone screen. 4 o’clock in the morning. What now? Getting up, washing her face with cold water, leading to the stairs down to the kitchen, having a cup of dark tea and turning on the TV?

Well, maybe there was a far better way to pass her time till the sun showed in the dark blue night sky: reading a book. Yes, definitely, no TV. Watching useless TV programs in the middle of the night was overrated, and, anyway, no one watched television any more.

From behind the horizontal curtains, cutting moon rays came inside the kitchen room. The atmosphere was so gloomy, sinister to be honest. Pensive, she pondered for a while. Unafraid. Yes, she didn’t like been alone. Actually, she had been left alone. Not something she had chosen, anyway. She missed Max so much. Even if she had always felt his minimum.

OK. Decision taken. Better heading out. In the middle of the night, she felt no fear wandering outside. Enveloped in a cozy oversized hoodie, torch in her hand, comfortable yellow running shoes, she opened the main door. The fresh summer night air hit her face, calming her down somehow. No more nightmares. No insomnia. 

A noise. Her foot had kicked one of Max’s nordic walking sticks. Memories of them, walking together in the Alps, in silence. No no no! She had to get through this. God. She had a life! How could she keep on this way? It was not her. Her life was moving too slowly since then. Feeling like a turtle, curled in her shell, she sometimes came out and peeped into the real world keyhole. Then, she eventually retreated.

Finally, head held high, in a rush of a last decision, she started running at a slow pace, straight forward, up and down the gentle  Italian Friulian hills, footprints on the soft night wet grass, leading to a new start in her life.

Time to try to detour.

© Dom

Inspired by TBP cubing the stories

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