The Chocolatier’s Secret ~ by Helen J. Rolfe

RATING: 9/10 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: romantic novel/ contemporary fiction

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SYNOPSIS:  Molly is a midwife with a terrible fear of flying. So she usually turns down all her friends’ invitations to summer breaks to Spain or other exotic places that involve a flight. But then something “swirling” happens in her life. And she finds herself on a plane, direction Australia, sat next to a total stranger from Australia, met on the internet.

As I usually don’t spoil, I won’t this time either. This book is much much more than a romantic novel. So go ahead, read this book and you will find out! A great read for your summer or for a cozy evening curled up on the sofa.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Andrew (a chocolatier in Magnolia Creek; his caring father Louis; Julia, his ex girlfriend; and his wife Gemma); Molly (a young English midwife; her beloved and loving family; Ben, her Australian encouraging internet friend)

SETTING: Magnolia Creek – near Melbourne (Australia) – the UK

POINT OF VIEW: Andrew’s, Molly’s, Gemma’s ( 3rd person narration omniscent)

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: I remember seeing a tweet from some romantic writers, and I thought to fire a question: “In search for a good relaxing read, what do you suggest?” Ms. Rolfe answered with a link to a Sunday readings list. That was the time when I purchased Handle me with care. After that I decided to read all her novels. They give me a sense of peace, they are so real, tangible and solid.

This is her fourth novel. Her second set in Magnolia Creek, but you can read it as a standalone.


  • In Australia you can ski and there is a ski season! Victoria, Mount Hotham. Who could have said it?
  • Eggs Benedict is a breakfast/brunch dish. Never tasted it. I should, when I go to the UK or USA or Australia.

HOW THIS BOOK WON ME OVER (quotes from the book):

This is much more than a romantic novel. As usual Ms. Rolfe goes deep into topics that aren’t usual part of light romance. In this case we are talking adoption and its related issues, dialysis and kidney illness, fear of flying. No stereotypes served, just real life.

As I have already written, when you read one of Ms. Rolfe’s books, you can sense  you are reading something for real. Scenes and places seem so concrete and tangible. Ms. Rolfe is great at respecting  readers’ perceptions and expectations. That is what I appreciate most. Sometimes it is annoying to read romantic books that are so far away from real life.

I really loved this novel! I gave it 9/10 book icons, even if honestly I skipped some pages here and there.

Here some excerpts from the book:

Technology was great in some ways; in others, it could turn your whole world upside down. (kindle location 82)

How can anyone from the UK get involved with someone who lives in Australia? k.l. 3722

Molly was no longer preoccupied with her fear of flying, now she was scared of something else. She was scared of getting in too deep in an impossible, never-going-to-happen relationship, with someone on the other side of the world. k.l. 3729

Remember. Life isn’t black and white. It’s colourful, like everything you create in the chocolaterie… life is crumbled raspberries, gold lustre paint, hundreds and thousands. Life is rarely anything but complicated. It’s glorious technicolour. k.l. 4295

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Let’s follow an order:

1 – Your novel made me discover the world of adoption from a different point of view (that of the birth father) and also the consequences of a difficult choice;

2 – you never disappoint your readers;

3 –as usual  I really like your books’ covers;

4 – I wish your book had been longer! It finished far too soon.

5 –  are you writing another novel 🙂 ?

© Dom