Of Sky and Human Foolishness

Make a wish upon a spring clean blue sky plenty of white cream clouds. Head up, sipping the beauty of these immense open drapes on our earthly stage. These photos were taken this last Spring in Venice, a myriad of little islands connected by creative long or short bridges.

Our fault is in the sky. We humans tend to forget that we are a tiny island in the universe. And unlike Venice we can’t connect to the other ones. I remember reading The Element by Sir Ken Robinson (never read it? You should. You will see your life from a different perspective), and I was struck by some pages where he showed how small, even invisible, our Planet is compared to a Universe we almost don’t know.

And then. Those windows. They reflected the blue spring sky. There are rooms behind those glasses. Closed rooms, with their stories and their human dilemmas and frustrations.

Yes. Let’s make a wish upon the sky. Let’s consider the immense Universe. Let’s think about how small we human beings are.

Live and let others live in peace.

In memory of all the victims of human stupidity

© Dom


Inspired by The Daily post’s one-word prompt: island


Inspired by The Spiral Notebook 100 word challenge: room


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7 thoughts on “Of Sky and Human Foolishness

    • Thank you. That was when I knew about happends in Banglades last Friday. 20 victims. 9 Italians. One of them, same age as mine, lived near my home.
      And so I thought about the foolishness of humanity. If I think about Istanbul, Paris, Orlando… a.s.o. Hope one day that will end.


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