Wedding Date for Hire ~ by Jennifer Shirk

RATING: 8/10 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: traditional romance/ romantic novel


Currently reading a “heavy” literature book, as it happens, I needed a book to escape the oppressing feeling of literature with capital L. So, as Mr. Pennac says, a book is always a book, and there is no good or bad literature to me. All books that can make you feel better are always eligible to be called literature, as long as they work for your well-being. And that was the case.

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SYNOPSISMaddie, called Fattie Maddie when in high school, is desperate because #1 she has no job currently #2 she can’t keep a boyfriend more than 2 weeks. There is definitely a curse in her, well no, in her family. That’s it. And now? Her sister is getting married and all her family are ready to jump on her with the usual questions: “so darling? And you? Where is your boyfriend?”. The only way out is to hire a wedding date!
Trent is just helping his cousin and his/her business. But… something unexpected happens.

But I won’t spoil. Just find out! Relax and sip it. In 2 hours you will be happy and ready for your real romance 😉

MAIN CHARACTERS: Maddie (Fattie Maddie in High school; her beloved mother and younger sister; her absent father; her snob ex boyfriend; her funny family); Trent (an ex football player; his beloved cousin Kennedy; his difficult past; his dog, Bella)

POINT OF VIEW: Maddie’s, Trent’s ( 3rd person narration )

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.

HOW THIS BOOK WON ME OVER (quotes from the book):

This book is just a page turner full of romance. You can easily identify yourself both with Fattie Maddie (and her secret crush for the impossibly gorgeous high school football player) and with Maddie (single in her thirties, but a swan now). I really liked how the relationship between Maddie and Trent developed, not that easily because the both of them have family issues and problems to be solved from their previous love life.

I really loved this romance! I gave it 8/10 book icons, because  I skipped some pages here and there.

Here some excerpts from the book:

While she was beyond ecstatic for Louise, she still couldn’t help wondering… when was it going to be her turn? If it would be her turn. The older, wiser, more experienced sister’s turn. k.l. 53

It was the reason he wanted to start a youth program in his gym for high school boys. To make a difference but also keep young men from becoming what he had been: a self-absorbed ass. k. l. 495

~ ~ ~


Dear Jennifer, thank you for this entertaining, light, and lovely romance. It was really a fresh breeze and it could relax me totally. You are a great traditional romance writer.

© Dom


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