Perfect Past Present

A silent morning.

Cars can’t reach this square.

No cars can reach Venice. The city

of silence.

At night only SundayMorningInVenice

distant boat motors

mingled with rare seagulls calls

and lovers’ whispers

trespassing the bedroom curtains.

On Sunday mornings only

children’s laughs

playing on the open square.

While mothers

and fathers

and friends

and grandparents

and lonely people

are sipping their espressos,

chitchatting or staring in



The hidden Venice

not far from tourists’ routes.

For Posterity to

remember there was a time when

no motors drove down any street,

children could play safely on a main square

just like a cozy sitting-room floor.

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© Dom


Inspired by The Daily post’s Discover Challenge prompt: for Posterity


PS I do hope Venice will survive time, so precious to posterity to remember a present tense that doesn’t exist in all other cities any more. Hoping it won’t become another Atlantis.


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