Cubing Your Story

Here a great creative writing Challenge! Join in! Link HERE

This prompt’s idea came from April.  Here you can find her own description of the challenge itself:

Here’s the plan:

  1. I’ll roll nine story dice and supply a photo of them. You may interpret the images however you wish, and you may use any number of the images to create a work of fiction. Or nonfiction, if you’re feeling froggy.
  2. There’s no hard and fast word limit, but I’ll roll a six-sided die and suggest a limit based on that roll.
  3. At the end of your post, you may suggest a literary device to be included as an option in a future prompt.
  4. Don’t forget to link back to the prompt here!
  5. Have fun!!

Enjoy this week’s set of story dice!

Your suggested word limit is 30 wpc–words per cube.


An example of what I came up with with TBP Cubing the Stories #1 LINK HERE

Thank you April! 🙂