God it was hot outside. Stepping inside the house after a long day at work, he leaned over and picked up his daily mail from the floor. When he read the Save the date wedding card, he sighed. Folding and pointing it like a dart, he tossed it to the other side of the room.

Damn Dominique”. He cursed.

After leaving her for good – at least he thought it was for his good – he had been thinking of her every single day since June 2014. At first he had considered him free again: all possibilities were in front of him, turning and swirling around in multiple ways.

But then. Only now, he could see it, only one way could be taken. The detour. He had been such a fool. An idiot. “Be honest at least!” he told himself, whispering while toying with a little turtle toy she had left behind. Now on the sitting room little table. He had never found out if she had left it on purpose inside the tend they used to go hiking and camping in the Alps.

Yes, be honest”. He sighed. Despite his decision, he still loved her. The truth was, he had been scared of tying the knot. So he fled, leaving her behind. While she, after two years, was tying the knot with another guy.

What’s his surname again?” He fetched the Save the Date card from the corner. Moon. “Is this really an actual family name?”

Mrs. Dominique Moon.

And why are you inviting me anyway?”. RSVP.

He would. Reply. But first of all he needed to see her again. She had become his forbidden apple now. Now that she was on her own, going down the aisle with another man. “It’s my only chance to find out if she loves me despite everything”.

He could just say one word to her: sorry.

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Inspired by The TBP cubing the stories #2

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