A Farewell to Sand Charms

DSC_0130 (1)

Vineyard in the Montello hills


After a day at the seaside, an evening and then night out for a dinner on the Montello hills. Now I understand why so many Australians, Americans and English wish to come and live here. Or at least spend their summers here. Being a tourist in Italy is a priceless and invaluable experience and privilege.

Hemingway knew it too. He loved these places, even if he experienced a tough time in his life here. First WW is everywhere to be seen. Read A Farewell to Arms.


on the road in Montello


Montello Hills (Treviso Italy)



Enjoy the distance!

© Dom


Inspired by Cee’s Black White Photo Challenge ~ in the distance

Wish to visit the a. m. Italian areas? Have a look to this site for any further info (written in Italian and English)



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