You Know What You Leave…

On a deserted street. Yesterday night, on the road. We were not quite sure where to head and then our sat-nav didn’t work in the proper way. Unexpectedly, we ended up in one of the most amazing places!


So I wondered that sometimes, even in life, you should really step out of your comfort zone and wander or just plunge in some new experiences. I remember clearly when I quit my permanent position job. God, I was so scared. But now, I know it has been the best choice in my life.

Here in Italy we say ‘You know what you leave, you don’t know what you’ll find’. But I would add another pearl of wisdom: ‘A door closes behind you, but you’ll open a bigger gate’.

And you? Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone? Where did a new unknown road take you to?

© Dom


Inspired by The Daily post’s one-word prompt: desert

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