Breaking Rule #1

Great. It’s summertime and I find myself overloaded with an infinite number of to-be-done-activities-that-you-were-so-much-waiting-for. Among these activities: reading, reading all the books I have been accumulating during the winter(s). Has it ever happened to you?

This blog was meant to be a #bookreviewblog. With simple easy rules. My personal rules. My rule number 1, since I was a child, is: ONE BOOK AT A TIME. It seems, at the wonderful age of forty, I can’t do it any more. No way. So in the last month I have jumped from a poetry book, a fiction book, a YA book, and romantic novels. English, Italian.

Currently, I am reading two great works of art (whose reviews will be so difficult to write): Underworld by Don DeLillo and The Castle of crossed destinies by Italo Calvino. While I would sooo much like to read also a terrific nice smooth easy romantic novel by Jennifer Shirk or Sophie Kinsella.

Is it so wicked to read so many books at the same time? The answer for me is: Yes. It is. I can’t really forgive myself for not reading a single book and enjoying it like I used to do! What’s wrong with me? Maybe when I will get older I will go back to wisdom.

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PS I’ve also promised a book review for the Reading Deals Club…






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