Up On the Ancient (Leaning) Tower


Yesterday, while I was shooting some photos in the city center, a passerby asked me: ‘Are you a detective, just like seen on TV?’

It made me smile. People find it weird to see “normal” people like me strolling about, stopping at some peculiarities and then taking photos.

Let’s all enjoy the unpredictable details and take photos sometimes, with a smart phone or a camera too. It’s kind of recognizing their beauty, which creates a much wider grace. Even in what the majority considers irrelevant elements.

Thank you so much Cee for the inspiring themes and for letting me wander in my homeland and taking pictures all around with my old Nikon.

 Cees BWPC Badge

© Dom


Inspired by Locks and Clocks Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

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10 thoughts on “Up On the Ancient (Leaning) Tower

    • That is such a great honor! Thank you soo much Cee. I really can’t espress how much your wonderful challenges help me find a goal for my newborn blog and also see the reality from other points of views. If I lived near you I would come and attend real photography classes. For now I take advantage of your precious tips on your blog. Thank u so much for being so generous.
      All the best


  1. Ah, the comment made me smile. Did you feel like a detective? I always get strange looks with I just taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of things, I guess, normal people wouldn’t take pictures of.

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    • Not at all. I was so absorbed by the beauty I was observing that I just felt like a kid seeing the sea for the first time. Really wasn’t aware of the strange looks 😀


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