Sipping Everyday Life


As usual, seated on the Park Café in Pordenone. Birds singing, swans swimming, people strolling about, bad news scrolling on TV, children screaming, women gossiping and me. Sipping my barley coffee, from a traditional little Italian coffee cup while reading my book. Well, it’s holiday time. Let’s enjoy it.


That small tiny spoon.

That little sugar bag on the sparkling white plate.

Those wee shining barley bubbles, that capture the morning light.

All part of a bigger frame, that makes ordinary details extraordinary life.

© Dom


Inspired by The DP Weekly Photo Challenge: details.

Thank you Jen!


6 thoughts on “Sipping Everyday Life

  1. I love details like this. They are some of the most beautiful things and so easily missed if not paying attention. Lovely post.

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    • So true. Lately I am missiong all of them just because I focus on the big frame. So i am trying my best to pay attentions to tiny details of my life that really make my life extraordinary


  2. So is barley coffee really made from barley? Does it taste anything like real coffee? I’d like to try it but have never seen it or heard of it.

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    • Yes real barley. Not real coffee though… but drinking it from a little cup you pretend it is coffee. Can’t drink much caffeine. When you are here next year ask for it. It is called caffè d’ orzo


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