The Power of A Quote

Up today let’s make it the Tuesday Quote! I’ll start with one and you go on with another.

Quotes have the power to state what you’d like to, just with a few words. Well, no wonder great people said or wrote them. And then, it’s official, quotes can always be interpreted as you like. Sometimes they ‘talk’ to you better than your best friend would. That is why opening a good book and focusing on just some lines can heal our souls.

Pick up a quote from a book you are currently reading, you read or just from a quotes internet site.

Topic: politics and government.

Share and enjoy.






8 thoughts on “The Power of A Quote

    • great! Thank you for your quote 🙂 This is a difficult topic, but it really conditions our lives. Personally, I believe there is a lot of “caprice” behind the motivation of many politicians. Sometimes a real politician was born, who really cares about community and usually he/she doesn’t last long. Sadly.


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