The Eternal Beauty of Nature


Taken today (21st July) in my garden with my old Nikon D90
Inspired by Macro Moments Challenge #5 and Flower of the Day

Dedicated to growingtowardthesun today’s post about getting old

Take care and enjoy all beauties: in nature and in human life, young and old. Time passes, but it brings unbelievable wonders to all ages.

At least this is what I think. Now that I am 40 I wouldn’t go back to 20. Hope when I am 80… to enjoy my age, together with all its undeniable worries.

© Dom



9 thoughts on “The Eternal Beauty of Nature

    • Yes so true. Unfortunately our society, and its TV ads and subtle unseen teachings, doesn’t help much I think. It conveys only images that aren’t even real… celebrating only youth. At least that is what I see every day.

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