While Waiting For the African Heat Wave


Sipping her virginal Hugo drink, under a white gazebo. Big Chanel sunglasses on.

‘Mooom? Heard the latest news?’

‘Mmm. Yes.’

‘Heat wave coming from Africa. AGAIN!’

Grabbing her car keys, she shouts back: ‘Let’s move to the Alps, darling!’

2016 © Dom


Wonder what a Hugo is? Go here and make it tonight by yourself. Great cocktail. The best ever!


Photo credit: Jerzy Corecki on Pixabay


Badge: Shapeshifting 13 #63Inspired by THE SHAPESHIFTING 13 challengea short story in exactly 39 words, the challenge is to write a story or poem that answers the following question: Why is it so hot here?

And thank you Joy for inspiring me through your wonderful blog 🙂







4 thoughts on “While Waiting For the African Heat Wave

    • For us here it is an easy way to escape the hot weather. And wealthy families usually pass their summers in their alpine family houses. Stunning traditional buildings all wooden made with colorful flowers outside the windows.
      … and then in the winters they go there skiing and for xmas time. I could get used to such a life 😉

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