Concrete Memories of My Family

I can only thank Cee for her superb prompts and photo challenges. Every time it is a way for me to discover my homeland and to savour the beauty of life while observing details that otherwise go unseen.

In this case Older than 50 has been a way for me to think about my family, especially to my grandfathers who died quite young unfortunately: nonno Pietro  and nonno Luigi. Traditional Italian names that to foreigners remind of Italy and the stereotyped vision of my Country; to me they are memories of my 4-years-old self, walking fast on their sides while they were working on the opened corn fields and their vineyards. No machines or big trucks involved at that time. There were a lot of hard hand work involved. Only in the late 70s they could both afford to buy a small truck and some other basic tools.

When I moved to my current house, in Italy (even if for years I have been trying to go abroad, but it seems love and life had different plans for me) I decided to showcase some of my nonni’s agricultural tools. Nobody seems to appreciate them or to understand the value beneath their rusty appearance.

I took these pictures directly in my garden and house front door:

# 1 PLOW that was pulled by a cow at that time (nonno Pietro’s)

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# 2milkcontainer

# 3wateringcan which I guess you can understand I am currently using as an umbrella stand.

Hope you’ll enjoy all these older than 50 objects, mirror of a time that doesn’t exist any more, here in Italy at least. Automation has replaced them.

Have a wonderful Sunday!




Inspired by Older than 50 years Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge


7 thoughts on “Concrete Memories of My Family

    • Me too! It is an excellent umbrella stand now. My guests always ask about it 🙂 Thank you again Cee ♡


  1. Dom, since I’m one of those “older than” I really enjoyed your piece. Since I’m part Italian, I enjoyed it even more. I’ve been working on my paternal family’s genealogy for several years. You are fortunate to have known your grandfathers. Great photos. B


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