No Mercy for Readathons – A Crime Against Books

Sorry, but I couldn’t help writing a post about readathons. Mainly because this blog was born as a book blog from a book serial reader.

This post is meant to be a prize to healthy reading, reading for pleasure not because you want to write 365 book reviews in a year (or even more if humanly possible) and to get a zillion likes. As already stated elsewhere, there are some rules to follow if you consider yourself a great reader. Not just a reader. Book, Reading, Silhouette, Sitting, Stool, Woman

As I don’t consider myself a God or else an academic, what I am going to write here is just my point of view on the matter. The fact is, as a serial reader for pleasure and pure interest, I am deeply hurt when my path crosses with blogs, bloggers or pseudo book bloggers, book vloggers (mainly really young, so yes, maybe they have plenty of time so they can read a zillion books in a year), who claim to make book marathons, the so-called readathons, because they do love reading.

But really? What’s the point? And then, when I politely write them a comment, to say not to hurry but to sip good books, they answer back that they don’t hurry at all… Well, something is missing I guess. Or we just can’t understand each other.


#1 one book at a time.

How can you mix different characters together?

#2 don’t hurry! Enjoy reading and sometimes…

#3 get a life.

Apart from reading, there is the world out there waiting for you, with an invisible but tangible poetry just to be found. Take pictures!

#4 read for yourself

books-918521_1280not to state you have read one thousand books a year. Why showing off?

#5 be honest

don’t tell you have read 365 books, if maybe you  didn’t even finish all of them. Half of them are skipped-half-the-pages books.

All in all, I consider readathons a crime against books themselves. No offense.

But I am open to other points of view. Please tell me what you think about it, maybe I could change my mind.



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11 thoughts on “No Mercy for Readathons – A Crime Against Books

  1. Oh, I’m on the same page as you, so to speak! Enjoy a book, immerse myself, relish the prose/emotions/journey etc….and I must admit to occasionally not finishing reading if I really can’t engage….

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  2. I can read only one book at a time and can’t start another one in quick succession. Unless I didn’t like the book, I like spending some time with the characters in my mind. If i liked it a lot, I might go again. But these readathons are more about bragging I feel.
    Remember the time when we sat with friends or a book club meet and discussed books in person? There was less or no scope to fooling anyone then. Online reviews can be borrowed or copied, so genuine reading might or not be the case.

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  3. I used to read two or more books at a time- usually one fiction, one non- and I never got the characters mixed up. But when I happened to tell my doctor, he said perhaps I had ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. Nowadays I read only one book at a time very slowly. I like your allusion to wine: sip to enjoy it.

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    • Yes. For me life in general should be slowly sipped. Otherwise you cannot enjoy it and taste it. But this is my point of view 🙂


  4. There is good reasoning here. Whenever I read, watch or game with something, I have to go at my own pace and absorb as much as possible before moving on. I tend to turtle my way through some of my leisure’s.

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