Not Just Another Book Festival

Maybe you live in Europe. Better in Italy. Or else you are planning a journey to the old Continent. Are you even a keen reader just like I am? One of those who jumps on a book the moment he/she reaches for the bed at night? So maybe you shouldn’t miss this festival. Not just because it is an awesome, accurate, well-organized event that deals with books and their authors, but also because it reveals one of the most beautiful but strangely undiscovered and unnoticed cities in Italy: Pordenone. Come and visit if you can! Take a break and sip Beauty in books and in this incredible setting.


14 > 18 September 2016

a Book Festival
with the Authors

{ -49 days } (that means pordenonereads) is one of the most important Italian literature festivals. It is held in September in Pordenone, a small but nice town situated less than sixty kilometres from Venice, in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Pordenone, with its characteristic medieval centre, boasts the presence of an extraordinary audience keen on culture and literature every year.


PS I couldn’t find a program written in English… sorry, maybe it is my lack of time or I am just tired. I promise I’ll go and search for it and attach it here as soon as possible.



4 thoughts on “Not Just Another Book Festival

    • Hi Ishita! Yes I went there. It’s always the best book festival, really international. And I really love Pordenone. And what about you? Did you come to Italy for the summer?


  1. Hi! I had some friends back home in California who were from Pordenone, they were studying at my university. I live in Milan now, but I have never had a chance to see Pordenone. This looks like a really good reason to stop by! Thanks for letting us know about the book fair!

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