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Yes it is. Blogging is what can be defined as a time consuming activity. Nevertheless I will miss it! I am heading off for our annual family holiday, and I am realizing I will miss the challenges, the DP prompts, some special bloggers, the WP reader and more. My husband keeps asking me why I do it. My best asnwer is that (and here I borrow a line from another blogger, sorry I can’t recall her name) it is a cheap alternative to therapy. In this world, even if virtual, I can actually meet great people who share my same interests and similar points of view on different topics. Basicly a virtual ideal world, but that is also so real. A real paradise.

It is for sure not for money, neither popularity. It is for my well-being and because there is really a world of good wonderful people out there and blogging is a means to seek them.

Have a nice August I will be back in 15 days, for sure plenty of summer reads book reviews and stunning photos good for the next 6 months.

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17 thoughts on “Time Consuming Blogging

  1. Love your post. Blogging is a great way to connect virtually as well as for real, isn’t it? I found over the years that friends who know me in real life have become better friends because they read my blog even if they don’t blog. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your thought. I am safe, the earthquake happened in the center of Italy. My region was destroyed when I was 1, I can honestly say that where I live nobody would have been killed, because our homes are really safe, just like in Japan. So sorry for all those victims, they didn’t deserve that.
      I have just written my last post, I believe that you can easily guess what it’s happening to me. However, I feel strong and I will for sure get thorough this sad time of my life.


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