Truth is Harder than A Lie


It’s so strange to come back to this virtual world. At last, after a month which should have been two weeks. At first I had just waited till I had some reviews written of the best books I read, then something happened in my life that has changed all my perspectives. To be honest, this is the year for me when I have grown up, and understood there is no mercy and kindness in the humankind. At school one of my students cheated during a poetry contest, and I was to disappointed. Unfortunately, I ALWAYS believe in the good side of people and I don’t consider the possibility of cheating or being dishonest. I am and was so naive. Always had been.

And then something else happened in my family, with my husband.

However, I believe that even if I am facing events that I had never figured to be part of my life, I feel stronger somehow, wiser. Even if I start my day crying, then laughing, then swearing, then in big silences.

All in all, my life deserves to become a book. There are million of lives out there that could become a best seller, just with the help of a talented writer.


This is the soundtrack of my life in these days (#francescabattistelli #adele) :


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11 thoughts on “Truth is Harder than A Lie

  1. This is life transforming year to me as well. I’m back to my hometown to deliver a baby and think deeply about my life with my husband and work. It should be happy time before welcoming our first kid. I’d be completely different person after having a kid and don’t know if I manipulate things. I don’t think truth is alway s good if someone might get hurt. It’s hard to keep looking at truth and recognize it.

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    • I believe truth can’t hurt. In this very moment I am suffering because I wasn’t told the truth. Yes, it’s hard to know but then you accept it and try to find a way out.
      All the best for your baby 👪

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  2. In my long ago youth I too was naive once in a while I still discover it happening. I have the attribute of “honesty” , tell it “like it is”; which of course causes problems to others who don’t want to hear the truth. I have made family enemies because of my honesty. Others may not see it as “honesty.” I guess we call it “lessons in life.” To be philosophical about it, is this our “humanity showing??? B

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    All the best


  4. this too shall pass… i know how devastating the bad side of people can be, but i hope you soon remember/be shown that there IS mercy and kindness in humankind… just not all of humankind. i am idiotically naive myself, even after learning these painful lessons time and again. glad you’re back. you are not alone.


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