Peaceful Quiet Waters

So destroyed

All pieces

Seeking for a piece of peace

I lead to the Lake.

Your water can heal me

Your silences can give me peace.

I was searching for answers

That you didn’t give me.

You just told me

YOU are the answer,

Time will give you the answer.

To heal your sorrow

To find a new life and

Start again.

Be happy again

Love again

Believe and have faith in love.





Photo credit: Lake Barcis, Pordenone – taken with my modest old smart phone


4 thoughts on “Peaceful Quiet Waters

  1. Dom, you are perfectly right: the ONLY answer is YOU!
    YOU with your fortitude,
    YOU with your sensibility,
    YOU with your honesty,
    YOU with your special taste for creativity,
    and last but non least YOU WITH YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!

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    • Thank you Mrs. D. For your sweet words.
      What I know is that better things are coming in a way or another. And I thank God because I have some special friends all around me. ❤

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