Behind That Angelic Facade


Recently, I have experimented how devil people can be. Specifically,  that happened to me from a colleague who claimed to be a friend, and even made me Christmas presents. Unfortunately, my sixth sense didn’t get what she was building in her mind and what she was planning and cooking up. To be served to destroy other people’s lives.

What I believe in the end is that she is destroying her own life.

Appearances are really deceitful. It always struck me how slimy certain persons can be, how dishonestly they can behave walking on your feelings without being brave enough to talk to you. I believe she is a really poor person, not even worth being considered. Unfortunately many other people will suffer because of her future actions, as I am sure she won’t give up making fool of her friends,  her colleagues and her family.

I wish her to find her happiness, but not despite the well-being of the others, who deserve to be treated with respect. And I hope she can remember she can’t force people to love her, and it is not with threats that you can gain a man’s heart.

And now I think good old Shakespeare can help us:




Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: facade




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