Kids’ Questions in SYW


Good morning Europe! Good morning Earth!

In an attempt to regain touch with the world, that seems to have abbandoned me, I have thought answering SYW questions would be a great start.

How wonderful answering kids’ questions 😊

Here are my answers.

  1. A class you wish you would have taken?

I LOVE learning new languages, and I wish I had taken a Chinese class. Which I will for sure in the future.

2. What’s your favorite comic figure and why?

Dylan Dog. Well, it remembers me of my teenager time. I don’t know if he is famous all around the world, it is for sure here.

And then Iron Man: so human, so vulnerable.

3. Tell me about your first crush / first date / first kiss.

Ow,  I remember my first crush. Primary school years, for 5 long years. He was called Leonardo. I consider him my first love. Never seen him again, and I am happy I haven’t. At least he can remain my Prince Charming with no specks and flaws.

4. Who was your best friend when you were 10?


5. What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

Virgo. Despite che fact that sometimes I can see myself in the descriptions of astrologists, I really can’t believe in astrology. What I believe in is myself. Even if, due to some painful family events now, in these last weeks I have lost myself a bit. Hope to get back together very soon.


Inspired by  SYW #39

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