Tagliatelle For Lunch

Hello world again!

So as I had told you this morning here , today I had a special menu to be cooked. After setting up two roast beef,  I couldn’t get done with tiramisù  (which will be on my timetable tomorrow – even better so we can eat it on Sunday) but I managed to knead what I had planned to do, tagliatelle for lunch.

It was such a pleasure. Hands in flour, eggs and some water. Creating a smooth dough. Spreading it out and then cutting my beloved tagliatelle. Why do I love tagliatelle? Simply because they remember me of my childhood,  my Grandma Rosa who was a master with them, all our family Sunday lunches. So many many moments that due to our child memories seem so magic. Telling you the truth, life was not that  good at that time, my family was struggling with my dad’s new job (which turned out to be fine), my Granddaddy died young and even my father’s mother, they were barely  60. Nevertheless,  the time I spent as a child in the kitchen with my Grandma seems to have erased all bad times. So if you want to heal your soul (as I am currently doing) or to forget something painful I really suggest you to bake, cook or just do a cup of tea. Better if together with your kids, so they will kindle those moments in their adulthood.

Keep cooking!  Keep smiling!


Photo credit: taken with my old Samsung Grand Neo smart phone

I wrote this post and then found out it fits perfectly with the WP Photo challenge Nostalgia


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