Austria And Some Christmas Flair


Austria. Today I decided to drive to Austria. Just a 2 hours drive from where I live. I live in Italy, not far from  Venice. And many times I can’t stand living here and being part of this messy Country, with its beauty and all its contradictions.

And then my personal situation, that’s not that easy. Well, I would say it is as messy as Italy in this moment. So I headed to Villach,  just on the border. A different language, a different landscape, a different culture.  A real breakthrough. It is always a medicine to keep distance from your reality and to be the audience watching your life movie. I believe you can gain an objective point of view on the facts developing in front of you, otherwise the risk is making bad decisions and eventually being regretful all of your life.

All in all, this day maintained its promises. It is exactly what I needed it for. Moreover, my son was with me. At the end of the day,  when we jumped on the car again he said: “What a great day Mum! ” 😚




Inspired by the WP DP one word prompt: breakthrough


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