Gone With The Time



Thousand of empty yellow bricks houses stand in the middle of fields. This is where I live. It is so fascinating. Not more than 60 years ago life was living inside of them. A big family was sleeping, laughing, crying, chatting inside and out of them. Many of these families went to America or the North of Europe to search for work or a new house where they could eat something.

My grandmother who is still alive always tells me about the time when they lived there in 40 people more or less, different brothers together with cousins. They worked in  the fields for some prominent rich families who lived in the big cities, like Venice or Milan. At the end of the day they had just a few to eat and nothing to wear on, just the basic for the everyday life and the Sunday mess.

These houses now magnificently stand there to remind us of the so much distant life, gone with the time.

I don’t know if you can call it vibrant, but I love the colours of this house against the autumn vibrant blue sky.



Also Inspired by Cee’s challenge CFFC




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