Time For What Matters


Time flies away, that’s exactly what I have been used to listen to since I was a child. At that time I thought I had plenty of time, and years seemed to run too slowly for me. And then suddenly , it was true! – time started flying away.

I have just listened to a TEDtalk about time and the need to prioritise actions. It seems so easy, but I have decided that I will try it. Mainly, I believe it is true that you should make a list of the important to-do things and leave everything else behind. Even if I am sure that sometimes we need to let things go without organizing anything.  Even lazy times are eventful, in their “uneventfulness”. So I will do my best to find 15 minutes for an uneventful event.

Up tonight I want to make a serious list of what I believe and strongly feel is important for my well-being and try to accomplish every action to reach it: a lunch coffee break or more during the week with my husband, a park stroll with my kids, an evening out at the cinema with my friends. Otherwise I would only keep on complaining about time flying away and not enjoying my life.

I will rearrange my weekly schedule, just as I would rearrange my home Interior decoration.


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