Please Stop All The Hate!


Yes! Stop the hate. Let’s cooperate and try to keep calm and be peaceful.


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Hate Or Peace…

It’s two days until my birthday but I’m not feeling excited or happy.  I don’t feel I can celebrate at all and Sunday is set to be a sad day for me. I can’t celebrate my birthday, not because of the election results, but what those results are doing to people, or rather what people are doing to people…

I don’t usually speak publically about politics. Especially when it’s the politics of another nation. But what happened this week with the American elections echos the same feelings that came from the Brexit vote here in the UK. Feelings of anger and hatred for the result and people putting others down for voting what they believe in. Regardless of which side won .Hate and anger are never a solution…They just lead to more pain.

When the UK voted with a slim majority for Brexit, for Britain to leave…

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