Keeping up with the Italians

One of the best blogs I have ever read about my strange crazy (stupid) hilarious Country, seen from another perspective.


La Brutta Figura

Life after the rose-tinted glasses. An almost year of treading the fine line between la bella and la brutta figura.

Here I will tell the tales of our exciting, sometimes embarrassing, and often wine-fuelled adventures in Italy. From books, films and travel magazines you would think that living in Italy is la dolce vita. Well, I do drink prosecco like it’s water, and I’ve accepted pizza as a main food group, and I’ve forgotten what anything post-1900 looks like. But it’s not all a Roman Holiday, especially the very particular social rules that expats have to master. Here, I find myself in a minefield of potentially awkward social situations. Italian etiquette is a series of contradictions which is seemingly pre-programmed in Italian minds. Sparkly platform trainers are in every shop window but wearing two different shades of white together is a blasphemy. Men can drink straight grappa at 9 in the morning but…

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