Christmas Biscuits Rehearsal


Here where I live we have had a great influence from Austrian and German traditions, back to the old times we had been conquered by their Empires. Old story. Then got our independence,  as many of you already know and can guess. Many people here would like to go back to the Empire, personally I prefer the democracy,  with all its for and against (aka Berlusconi-Trump). However, one of the Austrian tradition I really love is: the Christmas tree and biscuits. Butter biscuits.

End of November I usually bake them, just to have a try. Who knows? Maybe I forgot how to bake them 😎 It has turned out I haven’t 😊🎄

Here you can have a look to the work in progress. Except this time there are no frills on my biscuits. For icing and decorations I’ll wait for December, when my children will help me as cook helpers. 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄




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Butter biscuits dough


250 gr flour

100 gr sugar

125 gr butter

(cocoa for cocoa biscuits)

1 egg

A drop of lemon juice (or Grappa for me)

A tea spoon of yeast


Mix all ingredients together and it is up to you how you want to shape or decorate them! Use your imagination.



Photo credit: my old Grand Neo smart phone this afternoon


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