Please comment here below and show my students the magic of comments coming from all around the world! The magic of sparkling colours, stars, effects, shapes and… chemistry! Do you like fireworks as much I do? What are the feelings they arouse in you? My dear students, tell me about your feelings and what you think about fireworks.


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My dear students!

since I was a child, I have been so fascinated by fireworks: they are such a magic to me. I remember when I was 5 years old and I was so scared by them, but at the same time so intrigued by the colours and the sparkling in the sky and then reflected on the sea water. I remember it was summer, with my mother and my grandmother in front of the Adriatic sea in Caorle. Such sweet memories.

And you? Do you like fireworks? Have you ever been at a fireworks festival? Do you know the history of Fireworks?

I’ll be waiting for your comments and in the meanwhile, if you want, go and visit class 2A MAT page about fireworks

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See you at school

Mrs. D.

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