Future Or Past?


She is now 84. During the Nazi time just a girl going to the primary school. But she remembers a lot of that time. Honestly it is fascinating to listen to her, while she tells me about her teachers, who had the strict order to sing the Mussolini song every morning, her books which referred all to fascist laws and regulations, her schoolmates who had to wear specific black uniforms and so on. In Italy at that time a lot of people complained about the unemployment rate and  the fact that Italians had no job due to foreigners and foreign goods. So Mussolini told everybody that autocracy was the only way out.

She also remembers so many friends and families who were shot at the local town square,  people who said NO to autocracy and Nazis. Their fault: speech freedom request and a dream for RESPECT and peace. 

Frankly, I am quite scared about what it is going on all around the world. While listening to my Grandma Ines, I wonder how much human beings have learned from history, and maybe, all in all, when all the witnesses of all times will be dead, everybody will deny or forget and maybe won’t  believe of what had happened not so many years ago in Europe (western world).

I really hope in the strength of good people and not in populism. What fills me with dread is civil war. My Grandma sometimes tells me also about that…




Photo credit: sunset and Italian fields – where so many people died during WWII


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