school for succeeding in life?

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Hi there! It is not Mrs. D. writing here. But one of her students in class 5 (grade 13). So, just to explain the topic I would like to condider today: students’ lives. In a broad sense: mainstream school for life?02obama.600

Today, guys, we are going to talk about Obama’s school life.
During an interview on a talk show called “The Real”, Michelle Obama talked about his man. Did you know that Barack Obama wasn’t a good student? She said that he didn’t do anything while he was attending High School. He only started being serious when he  went to Columbia University and met her. Michelle also underlined the fact that he wasn’t good at school because he didn’t have a dad. What a sad thing…
So guys, do you think school is important for succeeding in life? Can anyone succeed in life? What is personal success, anyway? Money? Public…

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2 thoughts on “school for succeeding in life?

  1. I think Obama probably had decent grades since he was able to get into Columbia, but I do agree that being determined is extremely important in being successful. Being brave, setting a goal and working towards it even when you don’t feel like you’re doing all that well or you just don’t want to work on it, ignoring those thoughts that say, “I can’t do this,” and just pushing through is essential to success. If we quit every time it seems too hard we’ll never make it. Almost every time I write a story the thought that it doesn’t sound good or that I should just scrap it happens but when I push through and keep working on it anyway sometimes amazing things happen and I write something I never thought I could. Good job! Keep writing!

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    • Thank you so much for your contribute! I really hope my students will understand the importance of dreams and being determined into persuing them. Leaving all fears and under-self-esteem out of the doors 😊

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