Thousand of “Like It” For Alice

aliceThis is Alice Sorato. She is a world winner! She won 3 gold medals in LA at the „Special Olympics World Games“ in 2015. It happens I am a great friend of her coach, Lara, and she kindly asked me to spread the word: her sport club is now trying to win a contest, called “Mi piace di cuore”, she just needs as many LIKES as possible on FB, so that they can receive some funds in order to buy sport tools and not only. I told her that WP bloggers are really special and they will for sure spread the word and click on thousand of LIKES IT.


and click on ALICE!!! Help her and her sport mates 🙂

Risultati immagini per special olympic games logo

If you want to know something more about her Read hear (in Italian) LINK TO VENEZIATODAY or here (in English)


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