It’s only…


I can’t cope with everything

I am feeling exhausted,

I am drained to my bones

saturated with too much.

When will it be over?

When is life Starting?

No. Life is here within me

We need to prioritise

Our daily aims.

Up tomorrow I am posting only once a week

Just for my Pop Art Enigma –

I am going to bed at 9.30

No matter what –

I am going to start reading a book

A week and then write a decent review –

I am going for a walk

Every two days –

My children will give up sports

Music, drama and extracurricular activities.

Really, I feel not in touch with me and myself.

I feel a used person

Even ab-used. 

I need to get in touch with me and immerse in myself


Goodbye to you all

For a while.


Dom 💓💓💓


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