Peeking through



Be honest. Even if you know it is not correct, once in life you have peeked through something. Just like me. My daughter’s diary. I know I know. Maybe you despise me now, but it is just I was tidying her bedroom and her diary was on her nightstand and it just called me! Really!

She is the cutest girl. She is my daughter, that’s it. And I love her. But I know sometimes she gets angry with me because I don’t give her some permissions (for example,  having a smartphone at 10, or going out to the local sport center alone without her brother). I didn’t want to read any secrets, I just wanted to know if she has written something about me.

Guess what? I read only the last two pages. I didn’t find anything about me. And then I closed those pages, feeling so unease and guilty. I won’t do it any more.

Dom 💓💓💓

Photo credit: my daughter, Fiamma, peeking through a door, she is really fond of photographing.

Inspiration: Thursday Doors Challenge

2 thoughts on “Peeking through

  1. To be honest I believe that it’s normal peeking trough the “secret things” of our children. On the one side we make this to protect them, if we discover something strange. On the other because we want to know what they think of their life, of us… So, all in all, I think that it is nothing wrong, if we are respectful and not too much intrusive.


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