A vintage tray

When I found this tray among many other garage long forgotten and stored in a corner things, I thought to throw it away. But then (let’s think about our poor Planet!) I had a great idea. What do you think about this result? Well, maybe the fact that it is quite usual here to have a glass of red wine at lunch maybe has helped me a lot. However, I could have done it with… White stones from Tagliamento River?



Credit: candles from Depot

Kitchen runner: frame crocheted by me


Thank you Cee!

6 thoughts on “Vintage

  1. hahaha!! I have a bowl filled with corks. It would never have occurred to me to add candles. Candles makes everything better 🙂

    I like the fact that you matched the candles to the placemat. Nice touch!

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  2. Anyone can do white stones. But it takes a serious imbiber to collect wine corks. You know those junk drawers in the kitchen that everyone has? We have two- both filled with my wine corks. Can’t think of what to do with them!

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