Mit dir, nicht ohne dich – With, not without, you


Eman is illiterate. In fact, he has never seen the inside of a classroom before coming to Germany. For him, acquiring a new language while struggling with learning to write for the first time presents a special challenge, particularly at his age (he is 50).  Unfortunately, he is the only Afghan student in the current group and although he can communicate with the Arab speakers to some extent, this is not enough for more complex issues.

On his own, he can bring me to the end of my patience on occasion.  He has a big problem with understanding instructions, often he doesn’t understand the tasks set. Instead of reading instructions, he copies them.  Instead of answering questions, he repeats them.  Instead of filling in blanks, he squashes the whole sentence in the small spaces.  Yet, I can see how hard he works and tries.  He is also good humoured most…

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