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Who am I? img_20160919_021340

1- Serial reader, up today (May 2016) self-taught book blogger and reviewer.  But with some simple rules. Go and read them before reading ANY book reviews about ANY books. link here

2 – Honestly? No stereotyped Beauty. Nevertheless, my husband tells me everyday that I am beautiful (I know I know, I am a lucky girl), and that I am a daydreamer. Always have been.

I live in Italy, near Venice. Do my best to be a good tolerant and patient person, as a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague and a teacher.

Somehow I have thought that the Sleeping Reading Beauty was the best choice to name my online book review “journal”. Honestly, I have to thank Ms. Helen J. Rolfe for the inspiration, because it is when I was writing a review for one of her novels that it sparked in me the idea that maybe sharing my reviews could be valuable and precious to the authors and readers in search for a good reading.

A personal #bookblog, with something personal added here and there. Want to know me better? Have a look to the books that define me! link here



this is how my family sees me – a long time ago birthday present

Call me: serial reader, born twice. Well no. To be honest, three times.

There was a time when I could read whenever and wherever I wanted to.

Then my children arrived, and it became more and more a mission impossible to find a tiny time space for stealing two pages in a row to be read in peace. So that was the time when I discovered YA and NA and romance novels in general. A rebirth!

Lately a new personal era has started: I can read again (more or less) whenever and wherever I’d like to, and I have started mixing up genres: romance, dystopia, thrillers, children’s literature, YA and NA, comics, Jane Austen, Sophie Kinsella, Andrea Camilleri, William Shakespeare, Charles Bukowski,  Ian McEwan, Italo Calvino. Every object that can display words and intelligent smart witty, possibly hilarious, sentences is welcome to me.

I do my best to finish a book I have started. Nevertheless, sometimes it is quite impossible so… I just close it or store it in the Notfineshedbooks shelf. It’s life. It can happen.

What I really can’t read are horror books. Not because they are bad, they are for sure well written but I end up not sleeping at night. It happens I really like sleeping and books are my way to relaxing from real life issues. No need for any further psychological fuss.


Books. And books. And books.

Life. Life After Life. A Life where I can escape from real Life.


17 thoughts on “this is me

  1. Hello, Dom. I just want to thank you for following Lillith’s Landing. It is a new venture and unlike any of my other blogs. I have several others: one that presents my author side and focus on a lot of writing, two that are for Christian ministry, and a Christmas blog – just because I LOVE Christmas. But LL is just a place where I come to share beauty, peace, and refreshing – mostly in pictures, but a few words now and then. It’s great to get followers.

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  2. Oo, I love your About page too! I am always so impressed at how people with children still find time to read and blog, when I have a hard enough time with that and I have zero (really, less than zero) excuse. Good on you! I was never much of a horror reader either (well, except for Lovecraft), and then I realized that somehow I was halfway through writing a novel about a haunted house. Oops. So I’ve been reading more and finding that there’s a whole sub-genre of Gothic and Gothic-like horror that are fun but I can still sleep afterwards. (Whew.) Looking forward to reading your reviews!

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