Somewhere Over The Rainbow


St. Andrew’s clock tower and the clock


the most ancient clock in the world

Two days ago I went to a small city near my home town, called Chioggia. I have known it is called the “small Venice” because it has got canals, and bridges, and Venetian palaces etc. But I have never known in Chioggia there is the most ancient tower clock in the world. I literally stepped on it, and was profoundly surprised by this “discover”. What a pity that the museum was closed, so we are planning to go back there with the kids in the summer. Maybe for a short boat trip to Venice from Chioggia and back.


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Pros & Cons of Automation

Automation Text With Gears On Top

My dear blogger friends!

I think you have guessed I am a teacher in my real life 😉 I need to show my students that blogs are great to interact in a foreign language too! And that English is a really great means to make friends (even if virtual) and to give opinions that can be understood and shared with other people all around the world. Please could you contribute on the original post? I would like to show them that even blogging is great and that their opinions count and can be read by other people.
Thank you so much for your contribute! I am sure you will 🙂







In your opinion what are the pros and cons of automation?

I am looking forward to receiving your comments here below!

Mrs. D.



Here a link to our class activities and videos seen together

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A Sense Of

(Never understood why she isn’t more famous. She sings in English. Heaven out of Hell). Take 2 minutes and listen to this song. Shivers.

Some weeks ago, the sun was shining high, so powerful and aggressive. So intense. Even a heat wave had been forecast. I was in search for curves around me (a wonderful WP Daily Post prompt). Despite my sunglasses sun rays were too fiercely bright. I glanced down on the parking lot pavement. And saw this curved shadow.


shadow of street light on parking lot


But then. I decided to look up. And saw the summer blue sky. A sense of freedom ran over me. Just what I was searching for, after long tough working days.


street light


© Dom


Two photos reinterpreted for The Daily post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: look up