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The problem is I am an English as a Foreign Language learner… oh my God, what does this word mean?  This is what I read in English-Italian

English Italiano
percolate [sth]vtr (filter) filtrarevtr
percolatevi (coffee: brew) fare il caffè con filtro vtr
percolatevi figurative (spread gradually) (figurato: diffondersi) permeare, pervaderevtr
L’informatizzazione sta permeando sempre di più le nostre vite.
percolatevi US, figurative (become lively) (figurato) animarsi, ravvivarsi v rif

Personally I’ll choose the US version: become lively. This is for today one more word to be added into my English vocabulary.

I was a small small flame in the last times,  but I am feeling better now. I AM PERCOLATING!




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You know, it’s really not hard to be nice to people. Just don’t be mean. But I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I’m sure you’re all wonderful people. I know a few meanies, like everyone does, and they’re all larger than life. Negative energy takes up so much more space than positive. It’s […]

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Deceptive Appearances


Not pretending to be perfect, I really suffer when I recognize falsehood in people. It is so difficult to detect it though! Appearances are deceptive.

My great personal problem, since I was a child – maybe I haven’t grown up much, I guess – is that I tend to tell the truth and voice my thoughts out loud. Authentic and genuine. Well, always with respect to the others. Avoiding the annoying screaming and cursing, even if it is something quite difficult to achieve. You buy what you see (or read) when you know me. Honesty is one of my life’s rules: in friendship, love, family and job.

Quite an idealist child myself even at the age of 40, I am raising three children with the same value: honesty.

The choice is always up to you. The last decision about your life’s route rests in your hands. Determining you: being a false or a true person. Personally, I have chosen the latter.

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