Tree in the center

Walking and looking at the sky. This is a photo I took this spring, when I was extremely happy and had faith in my life, which I considered so beautiful though not perfect. And I saw this tree, in the center of this small square. I thought it was so beautiful and considered it had the privilege to live in such a beautiful setting, just like my life at that time.

I am a tree no more. I feel rootless.


* * *

Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: tree

Truth is Harder than A Lie

Francesca Battistelli is a really wonderful singer and songwriter, besides my thoughts on the matter, I reblog this post for my blogger friends that live on the other side of the world. If you don’t know her, listen to the attached song link.
All the best

The Sleeping Reading Beauty


It’s so strange to come back to this virtual world. At last, after a month which should have been two weeks. At first I had just waited till I had some reviews written of the best books I read, then something happened in my life that has changed all my perspectives. To be honest, this is the year for me when I have grown up, and understood there is no mercy and kindness in the humankind. At school one of my students cheated during a poetry contest, and I was to disappointed. Unfortunately, I ALWAYS believe in the good side of people and I don’t consider the possibility of cheating or being dishonest. I am and was so naive. Always had been.

And then something else happened in my family, with my husband.

However, I believe that even if I am facing events that I had never figured…

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