A Book Cover Issue

Let’s face it. As a serial reader + bookworm, sometimes, I feel ashamed to buy some books… Covers can really establish the success of a book or not. Authors you are warned, and maybe you already know it because you are readers too.

Personally I read almost anything (except horror genre) and usually I need a way out after reading “tough” books, those that are usually called literature with capital L. So, I really really like to go through the Romance/Contemporary adult/Soft erotic books list on Amazon or at the bookshop. Those books are really light, easy and fast to be read and they give you the time to resume, so to say, from a book that needs more time and consideration. Or simply, you just need them to escape from the “misery” of everyday life.


The problem is: the forbidden book… I believe sometimes there are YA or romance novels that deserve a far better cover than a young plastic girl or an Alpha unreal man slammed in the front.

And what about being at the duty free area before jumping on a plane?


She simply adored YA and NA novels; romances with, if possible, some hot sex scenes. Just a few. Just the necessary. Sometimes imaging wasn’t enough. Those books were such a great laugh, and let us face it, also enthralling and imagination nurture. While at the duty free area she picked up a novel, whose blurb told about a nerd girl falling in love with a stunning American football player. Yes! That would do to keep her on the safe side while on the plane.

Bloody flight fear! Fantasizing was all she needed, not unasked medicine. Embarrassed by the cover, she placed her hand all over it, trying to catch glimpses over her shoulders of customers watching her. Maybe they were judging her!

Time to face the check-out now.”

© Dom ~ a short story about embarrassing book covers and forbidden books


I wrote this short story some time ago, and then got

Inspired by The Daily post’s one-word prompt: forbidden



Wedding Date for Hire ~ by Jennifer Shirk

RATING: 8/10 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: traditional romance/ romantic novel


Currently reading a “heavy” literature book, as it happens, I needed a book to escape the oppressing feeling of literature with capital L. So, as Mr. Pennac says, a book is always a book, and there is no good or bad literature to me. All books that can make you feel better are always eligible to be called literature, as long as they work for your well-being. And that was the case.

BOOK DETAILS: Link to book details on  Amazon.com  ~  Amazon.co.uk

SYNOPSISMaddie, called Fattie Maddie when in high school, is desperate because #1 she has no job currently #2 she can’t keep a boyfriend more than 2 weeks. There is definitely a curse in her, well no, in her family. That’s it. And now? Her sister is getting married and all her family are ready to jump on her with the usual questions: “so darling? And you? Where is your boyfriend?”. The only way out is to hire a wedding date!
Trent is just helping his cousin and his/her business. But… something unexpected happens.

But I won’t spoil. Just find out! Relax and sip it. In 2 hours you will be happy and ready for your real romance 😉

MAIN CHARACTERS: Maddie (Fattie Maddie in High school; her beloved mother and younger sister; her absent father; her snob ex boyfriend; her funny family); Trent (an ex football player; his beloved cousin Kennedy; his difficult past; his dog, Bella)

POINT OF VIEW: Maddie’s, Trent’s ( 3rd person narration )

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, through Reading Deals, so I could give an honest review.

HOW THIS BOOK WON ME OVER (quotes from the book):

This book is just a page turner full of romance. You can easily identify yourself both with Fattie Maddie (and her secret crush for the impossibly gorgeous high school football player) and with Maddie (single in her thirties, but a swan now). I really liked how the relationship between Maddie and Trent developed, not that easily because the both of them have family issues and problems to be solved from their previous love life.

I really loved this romance! I gave it 8/10 book icons, because  I skipped some pages here and there.

Here some excerpts from the book:

While she was beyond ecstatic for Louise, she still couldn’t help wondering… when was it going to be her turn? If it would be her turn. The older, wiser, more experienced sister’s turn. k.l. 53

It was the reason he wanted to start a youth program in his gym for high school boys. To make a difference but also keep young men from becoming what he had been: a self-absorbed ass. k. l. 495

~ ~ ~


Dear Jennifer, thank you for this entertaining, light, and lovely romance. It was really a fresh breeze and it could relax me totally. You are a great traditional romance writer.

© Dom

Shopping for a Billionaire ~ by Julia Kent

RATING: 9/10 📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

GENRE: romantic novel /chick lit/ billionaire series.

BOOK DETAILS: Shopping for a Billionaire 1-5 and Shopping for a Billionaire’s fiancée (the books of this series I read).


Link to book details on Amazon.com  ~ Amazon.co.uk

SYNOPSIS: Shannon is single. Has been for a year or so. She is a mistery shopper, and one day while evaluating a men’s room she bumps into a really really Hot Guy. Want to find out what happens next?

Screamingly funny, while being extremely spicy!

Shannon Jacoby. She is not exactly perfect. And I love not-exactly perfect. She is allergic to bees. But she lives her life fully. She is smart. But she is not posh. She is avarage. But she is not plain.Well. She is a Jane Eyre in Boston. And I love Jane! As well as Becky Bloomwood. Except here you can peep through the keyhole and find out what happens behind closed doors. Because yes, something happened – between Jane and Mr. Rochester, Becky and Luke.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Shannon (with an annoying ex, a weird family, a fabulous bbf, wonderful colleagues and an irritating allergy to bees) and Declan (with a self-confident billionaire father, two brothers and a supportive personal secretary).

HOW I MET THIS BOOK: After an accurate reasearch on Goodreads, Amazon, the NYT and the Sunday Times reading lists/best sellers, and my favourite book blogs, I decided to go for this. I needed a quick funny read and something relaxing after a tough work time. Before this, I read a dreadful book so I wanted something absolutely certain and to be trusted. My aims were: relaxing – laughing out loud- dreaming of a billionaire ready for all girls in the world (with a soft butt – quotation here). I ended up reading the first set of 5 +1 of the best chick-lit/romantic novels I have ever read after Kinsella’s Shopholic series.

SOMETHING NEW I LEARNT FROM THIS BOOK: OMG, is there a job really called Mistery shopper? Where have I been all these years? And mostly,  why didn’t I end up working as a mistery shopper? And bumping into a billionaire (hot billionaire)?

HOW THIS BOOK WON ME OVER (quotes from the book):

I laughed a lot, almost crying, while reading hilarious witty scenes. However, the author has the ability to present also really deep thoughts with a light touch. That is what I appreciated most.

I really loved this novel! I kept on adding bookmarks to bookmarks, I can’t write them all down. Here below you can find only some I picked up because they are the most significant to me.

1 – “Take the job, Shannon. Worry about what-if later. You can’t spend your life worrying that the devil you don’t know might turn bad when the devil you know already is. Unemployment doesn’t suit you.” page 593

2 – What are Tiger Moms? The same women who rule over their piano – playing prodigies, the kids mastering Chopin before they were weaned, who make Yo-Yo Ma look like a drunk homeless dude playing a broken recorder in East Cambridge, who raise soccer players who make Luis Suarez look like Rainbow Brite – and they are lined up here at the mall with their kids, and they are not taking a “no” for an answer.

3 – Mommy Masochist. She has dressed the kid in all white and he looks like a cross between President Snow from The Hunger Games and a Ralph Lauren ad. He’s three. Three. And you put him in white? Mommy Masochist. page 611

4 – Thomas the Daddy Doormat is wearing white jeans (those are a thing? For men?) And a white turtle neck, with a red wool sweater the exact color of a Mommy Masochist’s shoes.

5- Sex ed classes shouldn’t teach abstinence, or the mechanics of sex, or even birth control. They should march those teens to the mall two days before Christmas and make them play Santa’s helper for a few hours. That would drop the teen pregnancy rate by a good fifty percent, tout de suite. Page 619

POINT OF VIEW: books 1 to 5 is Shannon’s; book 6 is Declan’s (I loved this one!)

~ ~ ~

ADDRESS TO THE AUTHOR: Chapeau Ms. Kent! I wish we were best friends. You are definitively one of the few authors of romantic novels that can quote Pavlov and Yeats, while describing hot sex scenes without them seeming indecent.

This series threw me back to some years. Becky Bloomwood is back. Well, I don’t want to seem blasphame here (forgive me Sophie), but the main character of this series just reminds me of my dear loving hilarious sweet cute British Becky. Except Shannon, this is her name, comes from the U.S.A. and lives in Boston.

Scenes in the ER with the judging British doctor are breathtaking,  in sense that you are laughing so much you cannot literally breath. And this said by a European that loves Britain and the British. All in all, plenty of intercultural references can be seen here.