Think About The Bigger Picture


Anxious. Apprehensive. Nervous. Restless. Do you belong to this category? Well, I do!  Giving the fact that I am reading thousands of psychology books on the matter and how to focus on the good things, and how to not care about possible catastrophes that could happen (but also not), I am convinced that it is better to think about the bigger picture when you feel down – and I am not the only one to have faced down moments – so that everything really assumes a different perspective and importance.

You deserve a more relaxed life and some daily inner peace to face great and small, bad or good life events, which are inevitable.

Dom 💗💖💗



Photo credit: pixabay



Life is so tangible,

You say.

Can you see the Sky?

Can you see the Grass?

Can you feel the Peace?

What I believe now


Life can be far different from the Reality,  the tangible.

You experience events

That turn out to have been only

In your mind.

You mismatched everything.

You have been in living in an

abstract dimension.

Waking up

Is rough.





Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: abstract