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My dear blogger friends!

I think you have guessed I am a teacher in my real life 😉 I need to show my students that blogs are great to interact in a foreign language too! And that English is a really great means to make friends (even if virtual) and to give opinions that can be understood and shared with other people all around the world. Please could you contribute on the original post? I would like to show them that even blogging is great and that their opinions count and can be read by other people.
Thank you so much for your contribute! I am sure you will 🙂







In your opinion what are the pros and cons of automation?

I am looking forward to receiving your comments here below!

Mrs. D.



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Mrs. D., sorry. Queen? Who are they?


Short consideration.

Yesterday at school it happened my students asked me who Queen are. I was quite astonished and speechless in the first moment. Then, after 30 seconds of silence from my part, I considered it was useless to reply with a “what?! How Can’t you know It? “. Instead I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach them some music and culture coming from the anglo-saxon world. So today, I presented a lesson about Queen and chose a specific song: “Somebody to love”.

I was quite afraid at the beginning, because songs are overrated in the English as a Foreign Language teaching. At first you believe it is a wonderful opportunity to arise interest in a foreign language through music, but then you realise that despite a good song, young people usually like the sound, beat or rithmn and they don’t care about the lyrics unfortunately. At the end of the lesson the result is often that  they hate a song they used to love.

However,  this time my students were quite interested in the lesson, and they loved the song and the lyrics, which are touching and have a great meaning.

Well, at least, now, they will never say that they don’t know who Freddie Mercury or Queen are. One of my aims was achieved.  😊




Lesson plan credit: Somebody to love worksheets are available here

Candle Light Life


The problem is I am an English as a Foreign Language learner… oh my God, what does this word mean?  This is what I read in English-Italian

English Italiano
percolate [sth]vtr (filter) filtrarevtr
percolatevi (coffee: brew) fare il caffè con filtro vtr
percolatevi figurative (spread gradually) (figurato: diffondersi) permeare, pervaderevtr
L’informatizzazione sta permeando sempre di più le nostre vite.
percolatevi US, figurative (become lively) (figurato) animarsi, ravvivarsi v rif

Personally I’ll choose the US version: become lively. This is for today one more word to be added into my English vocabulary.

I was a small small flame in the last times,  but I am feeling better now. I AM PERCOLATING!




Inspired by WP DP one word prompt: percolate