Italian Snow ~ unbelievable but true

When people think about Italy, they imagine sun, sunny beaches and sun. Well, it is quite true but there’s a magic about my Country: you can also have tons of snow from November to April. This is in the Alps, and not only. Hundred of kilometers of magnificent natural landscapes from Winter to Summer.

I took the following pictures in Baselga di Pinè, Trento. A breathtaking lake with great surroundings.


If by chance you are going to visit Italy, remember there is not only Venice, Florence or Rome.

Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge


Poppies In Front Of My Home


Every year they remind me how life is short. And beautiful at the same time. How only one single poppy is amazing, but what if they collaborate?



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photo credit: taken by me with my humble smart phone, today at 2 p.m.