Outdoors ~ Just An Hour ~ Just For Me

After so many months passed indoors, what is better than going outdoors for a walk (and a cup of coffee) to the local Park? This is exactly what I did. It was my way to take some time for myself and celebrate the 8th March and all women. I took my time,  sipped my coffee, closed my eyes, enjoyed the sun heat kissing my cheeks, and relaxed. It was just an hour, just me, before going back to reality but it was enough for me to feel better.

I believe we women all deserve some time for ourselves.



PS curiosity: I sat on an odd chair, where a nest with eggs is painted. And a warning: don’t break my Eggs!


Photo credit: Parco San Valentino in Pordenone,  Italy



Yesterday I answered Cee’s questions, and I talked about Stracciatella. For the food lovers and the curious bloggers, I link here the meaning and description of Stracciatella 😊

Stracciatella: Stracciatella (ice cream), a gelato variety consisting of milk-based ice cream infused with fine chocolate flakes (credit wikipedia), go to link for a full delicious description.


The Sleeping Reading Beauty

Thank you Cee for your SYW questions. Here are my answers.


What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Easy: Banana, Nut, and Stracciatella.

If you were to treat yourself to the “finer things” what would you treat yourself to? 

The exact same answer as Cee. All I would like to have to treat myself would be a housekeeper and a personal cook.

Have you ever been drunk?

Not totally. Even if I love bier and wine, I can’t drink much of them. I can say I get drunk only with one glass. And then I feel bad. Anyway, I remember two times when people (my husband) told be I didn’t know exactly where I was and what I was saying… I thought drinking could erase my sorrows.  False. It didn’t.

Complete this sentence: My favorite supposedly guilty pleasure is… 

Sitting on the sofa, eating a sandwich, a glass of chinotto (a sort…

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