While Waiting For the African Heat Wave


Sipping her virginal Hugo drink, under a white gazebo. Big Chanel sunglasses on.

‘Mooom? Heard the latest news?’

‘Mmm. Yes.’

‘Heat wave coming from Africa. AGAIN!’

Grabbing her car keys, she shouts back: ‘Let’s move to the Alps, darling!’

2016 © Dom


Wonder what a Hugo is? Go here and make it tonight by yourself. Great cocktail. The best ever!


Photo credit: Jerzy Corecki on Pixabay


Badge: Shapeshifting 13 #63Inspired by THE SHAPESHIFTING 13 challengea short story in exactly 39 words, the challenge is to write a story or poem that answers the following question: Why is it so hot here?

And thank you Joy for inspiring me through your wonderful blog 🙂







A Sense Of

(Never understood why she isn’t more famous. She sings in English. Heaven out of Hell). Take 2 minutes and listen to this song. Shivers.

Some weeks ago, the sun was shining high, so powerful and aggressive. So intense. Even a heat wave had been forecast. I was in search for curves around me (a wonderful WP Daily Post prompt). Despite my sunglasses sun rays were too fiercely bright. I glanced down on the parking lot pavement. And saw this curved shadow.


shadow of street light on parking lot


But then. I decided to look up. And saw the summer blue sky. A sense of freedom ran over me. Just what I was searching for, after long tough working days.


street light


© Dom


Two photos reinterpreted for The Daily post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: look up

Memories, To Be Kept

Keeping on, during the winter, waiting for this longest day of the year.

And it is really worth it. Really is.

I hop onto my car, a big bag full of the usual stuff (sunglasses, a book, my Kindle, the daily newspaper, some pens, a notepad, sunscreen lotion, and a beach towel) and I head toward the seaside.

Summer: the only time when I feel glad to be born where I was born: Italy. Among many things that don’t work here, the weather (and the food) is one that hardly let you down. It starts in April, the first warm days when you can drive to the seaside. Walking in peace on a wide silent open beach, no beach umbrellas, no noise; just the first warm breeze and some clouds in the first deep light blue sky.

And then June is here. The 21st of June. The longest day. Still sitting outdoors in the garden while sipping a good glass of Italian wine. Watching my beloved wonderful family. Memories, to be kept.



Inspired by the Daily post today’s one-word prompt ~ summer


Travel hints to my homeland: Friuli – Italy